Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Seth McGinn’s Portable Conversion Grill

Fremont, NE- Seth McGinn’s Portable Cooktops provides functional, ultra-quiet operation for any outdoor use in a lightweight, compact design. These are the perfect solution for all your outdoor cooking needs from the lake to the woods. Now you can easily convert the Multi-Fuel or Portable Cooktop to a grill using the Portable Conversion Grill!

Grill any of your favorite foods such as steaks, burgers, brats, kabobs, chicken, fish, vegetables and more on this innovative, patent-pending cooktop. Just simply add water or liquid to the bottom tray for steaming and include your favorite flavor infusion or wood chips for an easy smoking infusion. When you’re done, wash the grill with hot water and detergent. Use plastic or nylon scrubbers, do not use scouring powder or steel wool, they may scratch the surface. Want to opt-out of hand washing? The grill is dishwasher safe!

The Portable Conversion Grill top ceramic coating is not made with PFOA, so it is food safe! The Grill also comes with a fat/grease drainage system to prevent flare-ups as well as a grill removal tool that doubles as a bottle opener! Seth McGinn's Portable Cooktop requires 8-ounce butane fuel canisters and uses an electronic ignition system for easy lighting anywhere you go, no batteries or matches necessary. The Multi-Fuel Portable Cooktop is more adaptable but similar to the Portable Cooktop. The Multi-Fuel Cooktop uses standard 8-ounce butane and 16.4-ounce propane canisters. *Multi-Fuel is sold separately.

Have deliciously easy meals anywhere, anytime with the Portable Cooktops and the New Portable Conversion Grill! For more information, visit CanCooker.

About CanCooker

Seth McGinn’s CanCooker is the simplest, healthiest, and most convenient cooking system available. The CanCooker takes the cattle drive tradition of cooking in a cream can. The CanCooker accommodates everything from the everyday life, to weekend life, and even the adventurous life. Seth McGinn’s CanCooker is versatile and can be used anywhere from a stove top to a campfire and never sacrifices flavor. Just pack the CanCooker with your favorite ingredients and enjoy a mouthwatering, tender, slow-cooked meal in a fraction of the time.