Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Bowtech Pro Shooter Tim Gillingham Turns in a Winning Performance at USAT, Chula Vista, Ca.

Bowtech is proud to announce pro shooter Tim Gillingham takes the gold at the USAT SoCal Showdown in Chula Vista, California. In the largest SoCal Showdown in history with over 640 archers, Tim, once again, turned in an amazing performance that earned him his third gold medal in as many USAT tournaments.

“Three USATs and three gold medals. I’ve won more consistently with Bowtech bows than any other,” says Tim after taking the gold. Tim proves once again to be one of the best shooters of all time.

"When it’s go-time, Tim locks in and keeps hammering the bullseyes although way to the top steps of the podium. We are honored that he's part of the Bowtech family," says Jeff Suiter, Director of Marketing.

Up next Tim is setting his sights on winning the 2nd leg of the IBO triple crown in Franklin, PA. We’re excited to see more top-tier performances from Tim this year.

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