Tuesday, July 20, 2021

ThermaSeat Renews Partnership with RubLine Marketing

ThermaSeat is excited to announce the renewal of their partnership with RubLine Marketing. The outdoor marketing agency out of Traer, IA will continue to manage branding and marketing efforts for ThermaSeat’s popular seat cushions and growing lineup of other outdoor products. Both organizations will look to expand on the growth they’ve experienced over the past few years through their work together. “ThermaSeat is proud to continue our agreement with the RubLine team,” says Derek Amaral, Director of Sales and Marketing at ThermaSeat. “It’s great to find partners that understand our culture, our industry and our customers as well as they do. We’re grateful for the way RubLine has challenged us and helped us become a better organization over the past years, and we’re excited at the thought of what the next year will hold.”

Chase Rohlfsen, president at RubLine Marketing agrees. “It’s an absolute blast working with great organizations like ThermaSeat. They are an ideal client for us here at RubLine Marketing. They offer high quality products, they’re committed to innovation, and they maintain high standards with everything they do. Everyone on our team is a big fan and believer in the ThermaSeat products. We use them every day and I speak for everyone here at RubLine when I say that we’re excited to continue our partnership with them.”

About ThermaSeat

What started as a simple solution to a common problem has turned into decades of passion for ThermaSeat. Allowing hunters to stay longer in the field and enjoy hunting with more comfort than ever before has been ThermaSeat’s goal for the past 35 years. Whether for hunting, fishing, sports, pets, or in the shop, ThermaSeat has high quality foam padding and seats for your every application. All ThermaSeat products are designed and manufactured with pride in Peterborough, NH.

About RubLine Marketing

RubLine Marketing is a strategic marketing agency with roots deep in the outdoors. The agency helps organizations design, develop and execute marketing plans tailored for the specific results each client is seeking. Combining the most modern marketing tactics with years of strategic business development, RubLine Marketing is able to offer something truly unique to their customers. Whether it’s large scale media planning, brand launch, public relations, growing a presence on digital and social media channels, supporting retail, creative planning, or graphic design and promotions, RubLine Marketing has what you need to take your company’s marketing efforts to the next level.

For all media or press inquiries, please contact RubLine Marketing at info@rublinemarketing.com.