Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Competition Archery Media Records Podcast with 2021 USA Archery Target Nationals Senior Men’s Compound Champion Shawnn Vincent

Competition Archery Media has published a podcast with 2021 USA Archery Target Nationals Senior Men’s Compound champion Shawnn Vincent

For Vincent, of Washington, the win is his first national title as a professional. He has shot in the pro class at national tournaments for the past 13 years.

In the podcast, Vincent talks about what it took for him to secure his first win, since he works full time as a deputy sheriff, and practices around his demanding work schedule.

Vincent admits he started out as a pro archer wanting to make that a full-time career, but quickly realized he couldn’t support himself and a family that way. But he is living proof that it is possible for someone with a full-time career outside archery to be successful in competitive archery at the highest level.

Listen to the CAM podcast with Vincent here.

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CAM is a team of broadcast professionals based in Lancaster, Pa., who cover archery tournaments, and the people, organizations and companies involved in those competitions.