Tuesday, February 23, 2021

TightSpot Quiver Announces Partnership with Jim Shockey

Belgrade MT – TightSpot Quiver is pleased to announce their new partnership with Jim Shockey. Jim Shockey is an iconic role model for the outdoor industry. Jim Shockey has brought his fans and viewers along as he encounters some of the biggest game the world has to offer creating memories not only for himself, but for them as well.

“I am excited to be joining the TightSpot Quiver family this year.”, says Jim Shockey. “With how often I travel, I am needing equipment that can take a beating and that I can rely on not failing. TightSpot Quiver allows me to feel confident in my gear which allows me to remain focused on the task at hand.”

Jim Shockey has lived a busy life as an award-winning outdoor writer, wildlife photographer, naturalist, and working as a wilderness guide and outfitter. Having recently retired from Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures, he is looking forward to reliving his adventures through his new show called Shock Therapy.

“Jim Shockey has inspired most hunters today in more ways than one.”, says Brand Manager Todd Snader. “TightSpot Quiver is proud to be partnering with Jim Shockey this year and we are looking forward to creating content and memories with such a strong role model for the archery community.”

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To learn more, go to: www.tightspotquiver.com