Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Swhacker Steel 2-Blade Broadhead

Covington, GA – Arrow Dynamics dba Swhacker, the industry leader in expandable broadhead designs, has announced the introduction of the all new STEEL Swhacker 2-blade expandable broadhead for 2017. The new steel expandable broadheads will be available in 100 grain, 1.5-inch cutting diameter and 125 grain, 2-inch cutting diameter.

The strength and rigidity of the solid, one-piece 420 stainless steel ferrule and "cut-on-contact" chisel tip deliver bone-crushing kinetic energy and much greater penetration. The surgical steel blades make short work of vitals, while delivering larger exit wounds and unmatched blood trails. Both the 1.5-inch and 2-inch models feature an ultra-compact closed blade position for field point accuracy. The reliable simplicity of the Swhacker mechanical design, matched with the strength of stainless steel, packs the ultimate 1-2 punch for the 2017 hunting season!

The originator of Swhacker broadheads, Rick Forrest, set out to create a 100% steel broadhead that worked off the simplicity of the original Swhacker 2-blade design, yet factored in a cut-on-contact tip, and an overall build-strength that made it "tough as nails." Forrest, a senior principle mechanical engineer with over 32 years in the aerospace industry, certainly didn't disappoint with the final product.

"I designed the original Swhacker broadhead because I was sold on the advantages of a big cutting mechanical head and needed something that could handle big animals, like elk," said Forrest. "The NEW all steel Swhackers operate (mechanically) the same as the original broadheads, but the slimline ferrule of the steel model can increase penetration by up to 40-percent."

To learn more about the NEW all steel Swhacker 2-blade broadheads stop by the Swhacker booth during the 2017 ATA Show, in Indianapolis, January 10th-12th.

About Arrow Dynamics LLC, dba Swhacker: Based in Covington, Ga, the Swhacker brand is the industry leader in both 2-blade and 3-blade expandable broadheads for today's high performance compound bows and crossbows. For more information, please visit http://www.swhacker.com or join the conversation on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/swhackerbroadheads/