Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Victory Archery - The Ultimate Micro Diameter Target Arrow




Victory Archery™ is the industry leader when it comes to being The Carbon Arrow Experts™. When you depend on consistent accuracy for your target shooting tournaments and are looking for a micro-diameter arrow that doesn’t compromise, look no further than Victory Archery and the VAP™ Target Arrows.

Victory Archery has developed a high performance target arrow that consistently has a place on the podium at shooting competitions when it comes to the VAP series. Similar to all Victory arrows, the VAP line comes spine aligned by the dozen, boasting the most solid straightness tolerance of any arrows in the industry. The Elite version sets the industry standard at ±.001”, while the more economical Gamer and Sport versions offer tolerances of ±.003” and ±.006”. Combine those stats with guaranteed weight tolerances of ±0.5 GR matched specifically for each dozen arrows, and you’ll be consistently crowding X’s and 12 rings all season long.

The VAP series is a .166 micro-diameter shaft made of 100% high modulus carbon, a winning combination of speed and penetration while reducing wind drift, for remarkable accuracy. The exterior of the arrow features Victory Archery’s famous ICE™ Nano Ceramic Coating that makes for easy removal, shot after shot.

The VAP series is popular for long distance, finger, and recurve shooters alike. The VAP arrows offer lightweight unwavering performance with a wide variety of spine choices.

Trust the Carbon Arrow Experts

To get the best, call The Carbon Arrow Experts at Victory Archery. Victory produces the world’s highest performing carbon arrows for hunting and target shooting, period. Whether you’re looking for speed, precision, durability or momentum – Victory Archery has the perfect arrows to get the job done.

Victory leads the industry when it comes to arrow innovation using carbon weave technology, creating true arrow flight with minimal torque, ICE Nano-Ceramic coating for easy arrow pulling, and digitally aligned spines for supreme consistency. Don’t settle when it comes to your arrows. Trust the carbon arrow experts to help you win that big contingency check. With the VAP arrows from Victory Archery, you’re sure to have victory in sight.