Tuesday, July 28, 2020

NASP Academic Archer Winners

Even with the global impacts of the COVID19 virus, NASP® is extremely proud to continue to recognize successful student archers for their work in the classroom. During the time when most schools are operating virtually, NASP® coaches still utilized local criteria to nominate their deserving students. Registration for the Academic Archer program concluded for the 2019/2020 school year on April 1st with an all-time high of 31,961 students enrolled into the program. Educators from 45 US states, and 4 Canadian Provinces as well as schools from the British Virgin Islands implemented the NASP® Academic Archer Program with their students.

Following the close of registration for Academic Archer, NASP® conducted a random computerized drawing from among all registered students and selected ten student names. Each of these young people won a new Genesis Bow in the color of their choice and custom Easton Academic Archer Arrows! NASP® would like to thank an unnamed generous sponsor who purchased the bows, and of course, Easton Archery for donating the arrows.