May 19, 2020

Instagram Hack

The following is a small part of an Instagram Masterclass I gave at SHOT University this past January, which seems like a million years ago. We spent the time going over what does work – and what doesn’t work – on Instagram. And believe it or not, if I were to give that presentation again, six months later, I would probably change a few things. That’s how fast social media is changing/adjusting – especially during this time. (shameless plug moment: if you are interested in working with me to speak virtually at an event on social media marketing for the outdoor industry, reach me at

One “hack” I’ve found that has consistently worked over time is utilizing carousel posts. A carousel post is where you upload 3-5 photos and/or short videos in one post. I personally like to stick with just photos in carousel posts, but mixing a very short video in the middle is ok, too.

Why you should do more carousel posts in 2020:

  • It gives you an extra chance to be seen in feed -- What? Yes! If your followers just swipe by your first photo in the carousel without engaging with it, Instagram may serve up the second or third picture to them next time they open the app. That gives you multiple opportunities for your content to be seen!
    • Now that I told you about this – you’ll begin noticing it in your personal feed.
  • Instagram will also do A/B testing on your behalf -- I’ve even noticed that I’ll get served the second, third or fourth photo in a carousel post FIRST, before even seeing the very first photo from that series. That’s Instagram already doing A/B testing on your behalf to see which photo in the series is getting the most engagement with your followers.
  • Think TOP (Time On Post) --  The more photos you add, the more time people will spend swiping through – especially if you are telling a story. Other examples are: before and afters, which photo do you like best-series, watch a still-photo progression of an event. (This is where the multiple selfies you took are okay to use in one post.)

That’s it! It is a small, but mighty, hack for getting a little more love from the Instagram algorithm. Questions? Find me

-- Michelle Scheuermann, editor, Archery Wire