Surge Outdoors, a leading supplier of hunting and outdoor related products announces its recent purchase of Barnett Crossbows. Barnett innovates and supply’s a broad spectrum of high-performance and value-driven crossbows, vertical and youth bows and archery accessories popular with both hunting and recreational shooters. Barnett is also a leading provider of slingshots and accessories. The acquisition of Barnett demonstrates Surge’s commitment to the archery industry.
vApeldoorn and Toxon Technologies announce the release of Artemis version 5.1, which introduces the power of Toxon Technologies’ BOWdometer sensors into Artemis’ proven set of archery training features.
Pope and Young, America’s leading bowhunting organization recently honored the United Bowhunters of New Jersey (UBNJ) with the P&Y Stewardship award during the 2021 Award Ceremonies at their 32nd Biennial Convention in Reno, NV. The Stewardship Award is given to a bowhunter or bowhunting organization that, by their actions, has conveyed a positive image of bowhunting and bowhunters to both the hunting and non-hunting public.
Traditions® Firearms is honored to announce that the NitroFire muzzleloader and Federal Premium Firestick have been selected by The National Rifle Association’s American Hunter magazine as recipients of their Golden Bullseye Award for 2021 Muzzleloader of the Year.

The wildlife values of nearly 1,000 acres in South Dakota elk country are now protected thanks to a conservation-minded family.
On August 28th & 29th Bowhunters Superstore hosted their annual Bowhunters BASH event in Wellsville, PA. The retail event offered customers from all around the central Pennsylvania area huge savings and thousands of dollars in giveaways.
Kryptek has joined with SCI Foundation to help ensure the future of wildlife through conservation, education and hunting. Kryptek’s generous donation of their revolutionary line of Dalibor camo vests and jackets as incentive gifts to be used to support the Forever For Wildlife Monthly Giving Program and Dream Hunt Sweepstakes will help ensure that SCI Foundation will be able to continue to do the science-based conservation work for which it is known worldwide.
The National Deer Association (NDA) August Beer and Deer Webinar will be hosted by NDA’s Director of Hunting, Hank Forester. Supporters can tune in today, September 13, at 7:00 p.m. EST for this month’s episode: Mentoring and NDA’s Field to Fork Program. To register for this, and other NDA Beer & Deer webinars, please visit the Beer & Deer webpage at DeerAssociation.com.

RamCat announces a new partnership with Justin Olk and Game of Inches.
Kinsey’s has a position opening for a full-time Sales Representative in their Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, headquarters.
In the podcast, Vincent talks about what it took for him to secure his first win, since he works full time as a deputy sheriff, and practices around his demanding work schedule.
Historically, the fifth anniversary is noted as the “wood” anniversary. As Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel launch Year Five of Outdoor Sportsman Group Networks’ #DeerWeek presented by Academy Sports + Outdoors – on September 13-19 (7 p.m.–Midnight) – the theme of the anniversary will be amended to “woods” in honor of the special time of year in which deer hunters wait to celebrate. Sportsman Channel host Jeff Danker returns and country music recording artist Cody Johnson joins to provide viewers with fun, exciting and educational perspectives about deer hunting and the upcoming season.
Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel continue the most popular week on outdoor TV – #DeerWeek presented by Academy Sports + Outdoors from 7 p.m.– Midnight. Tonight through September 19, Sportsman Channel host Jeff Danker and country music recording artist Cody Johnson will provide viewers with fun, excitement and educational perspectives – in their inimitable style – about deer hunting and the upcoming season.
Bow sight technology leader HHA Sports wants you to have the best chance of filling your tag this fall. If you’re in the market for the ultimate in accurate bow sights for your hunting season, take a long, hard look at the HHA Sports Tetra Max. With this sight on your bow, it is a simple four-part process – Range it. Dial it. Shoot it. Tag it.
Each pair of Shady Rays Realtree Edition Sunglasses in Realtree EDGE Camo is designed for durability and outdoor style.
Just in time for hunting season, ElimiShield Hunt is offering its most popular ElimiShield Hunt products in new combination packs. The combination packs provide great products at a nice savings.
When 5MM AXIS came on the scene it revolutionized hunting arrows. The small shaft innovation offered better accuracy and mitigated friction to retain velocity and add penetration. Now the concept has gone forward to the next level with the introduction of the new 4MM AXIS Long Range.
The National Deer Association (NDA) has announced a renewed partnership with YETI, a longstanding partner of NDA. The YETI brand is synonymous with delivering high quality, popular products for a variety of applications for outdoorsmen and women. YETI has and will continue to help support NDA on both the local and national level with branch fundraisers and through various other means.
Victory Archery™ is excited to announce a new partnership with Dirt Nap TV for the second season of the outdoor web show.
Scent Crusher is excited to announce a new partnership with Tag N’ Brag for more heart-pounding hunts on their outdoor web show.

This past weekend was a momentous occasion – commemorating 20 years of 9/11. Those of you reading this know how important 9/11 is to our community. And personally, to my family, too.

As a social media manager, there is a bit of a struggle of what to post, when to post, what image goes with it, etc. Do you tell a story? Or just post a strong image with few words? Do you not post at all?

I saw some misses this past weekend regarding posts that were meant to honor the memories of that fateful day, but instead fell way short. They were tone deaf.

I even had a conversation with one client about “we should post something.” No, we don’t need to “post something.” We need to share our hearts from that day. And as a social media manager for individuals and companies, I can’t share what’s in their hearts. Only they can do that. I can’t just make an image of the twin towers in a shadow and post the words #NeverForget and think that my job as a social media manager is done. Check that off the list.

Nope. Not going to happen.

The best stories and images I saw over the weekend were stories in first-person and therefore, were from the heart. Some had actual pictures they took from that weekend. Some shared where they were, what they were doing, and how they felt. Some shared tributes of those fallen – as well as real stories from real survivors. Some donated to a cause to help those survivors from 9/11. Honestly, if it’s from the heart, there is no wrong answer here.

Some stayed silent.

Silence is okay. A customer isn’t looking at your Instagram feed and saying to themselves, “oh snap, XYZ manufacturer didn’t post a commemorative image today.” I mean, I think of the hundreds of brands I follow on Facebook and Instagram, and do I know if all of them posted something? No. But if I saw one of them posted something I deemed tone deaf or just plain short-sighted, I will notice that and may even call them out on it.

I saw that happen a few times. I cringed.

Out of curiosity, I performed a random poll of two manufacturers, one influencer and one non-profit in our (archery) space on Instagram. One didn’t post anything, two posted an image with the words #NeverForget and one posted from the heart. The one from the heart got the most likes and engagement, in case you were wondering. But hey, that’s social media, after all. It should “social.”

I said above there is no wrong answer here – if it’s authentic and true to who you are. But don’t “just post something.” Get creative. If you didn’t live during 9/11, read up on it. Read about the “The Falling Man.” Watch documentaries on the subject. Ask your employees or co-workers about their stories. You never know what you’ll learn.

I know that you know, we all know, we will #NeverForget.

-- Michelle Scheuermann, editor, Archery Wire

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