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Tuesday September 11, 2018   |
Watson Airlock gets behind “The Experience, with Weston & Jodi Clark” in supporting the show’s American Heroes

The Company President, Chris Watson of Watson Airlock, has announced his support and commitment to “The Experience, with Weston and Jodi Clark.” Watson Airlock of Washington, Pennsylvania is the maker of the Ultimate Gearbags for Hunters and Outdoorsmen.

Weston Clark, the show’s co-host said, “When companies like Watson Airlock align themselves with our show, we are reassured that what we are doing with our unsung American heroes is in fact the right thing. It goes to show you what a great country we live in, and what great folks we have supporting our heroes,” says Weston.

Some of America’s top Country Music Superstars, Pro Rodeo Cowboys, and other celebrities, will join Weston & Jodi Clark in surprising these unsuspecting heroes at various public venues across the country with their dream hunt of a lifetime.

The show’s team and heroes will use Watson Airlock gearbags and bowcases as they venture into the mountains of Colorado, New Mexico, and Montana in search of that big game trophy harvest.

“The Experience, with Weston and Jodi Clark,” debuts on Discovery Channel Sunday, January 6, 2019 at 8am EST.

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