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Tuesday November 6, 2018   |
The Bearded Buck Partners with QDMA to Mentor Hunters


The Bearded Buck, and outdoor entertainment company based in Western Pennsylvania, recently partnered with The Quality Deer Management Association to teach first time hunters the fundamentals of hunting and give them the opportunity to harvest their first deer alongside Bearded Buck team members.

The goal of their Field to Fork event is to illuminate to attendees how hunting relates to conservation, the basic understanding of deer, making ethical shots, hunting essentials, field game care, meat processing, and preparation. The Field-to-Fork Event included a day in the classroom, a day experiencing different aspects of the process hands-on in the field, and a 4-day mentored deer hunt.

"QDMA’s Field to Fork program is the perfect way for adults who would like to try hunting to have an opportunity to do so,” said Kip Adams of The Quality Deer Management Association. He continues, “Many participants are attracted by the potential to procure their own high-quality meat, and deer hunting provides that perfect opportunity."

The Field to Fork allowed 6 individuals looking to try their hand at hunting for the first time to gain expert knowledge and experience the entire process of a hunt first hand, while being guided by seasoned professionals.

"Being a part of this Field to Fork event in conjunction with the QDMA has been one of the most satisfying things I have done in my hunting career,” says Jerry Tibbot, founder of The Bearded Buck. He goes on to say, “The feeling of being part of another hunter’s first hunt is rewarding beyond words. I’m very thankful to have been a part of this program and I will be hosting many more like it in the future."

Introducing new hunters ultimately promotes sustainability and introduces them to a healthy alternative to traditional meat. Venison can serve as a source of lean, free-range, antibiotic and additive free meat for a hunter and their family. Hunting also helps to maintain the deer population and prevent the negative ecological and liability issues that come with a rise in deer population.

Following the success of the event, Ryan Furrer of the QDMA expressed his appreciation for what the event is working to accomplish. “The Field to Fork hunt held by Jerry Tibbot at the Bearded Buck camp is without a doubt one of the best ways to activate new hunters,” said Furrer. “From the training component, the camp atmosphere, the hunt, and the cooking component, it gave the new hunters the tools they needed to be able to go out and hunt on their own for a lifetime."

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