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Easiest way ever to support 4-H Shooting Sports Clubs

Kansas City, Mo.- For outdoor youth groups all across our country, there is a continuous shortage of funding. Your brand working together with the Holiday Sportsman Show now provides a solution. For 56 days, from Nov. 5 through December 31, 2018, the Holiday Sportsman Show provides a path for outdoor brand participation that links the hand-held and laptop digital world of internet user traffic to increased holiday season sales performance for outdoor brands with an innovative sales gift card promotion that benefits 4-H shooting sports and other youth groups.

The outdoor sports industry zeros-in on goals for end of the year success at this time of year. For brands, the goal is holiday sales. For resorts, lodges and outfitters the goal is increasing client contacts and reservations for upcoming next seasons.

The online digital Holiday Sportsman Show features an interactive online event with Outdoor Show Halls where visitors will find everything outdoors for their friends, spouse, or for themselves, and an innovative holiday sales promotion that supports youth and conservation groups. It means SALES for brands and outfitters, it means Holiday DISCOUNTS for sportsmen. More importantly, it means FUNDING SOLUTIONS for character-building outdoor youth groups.

The Holiday Sport Show provides funding for:

  • 4-H Shooting Sports Clubs
  • Minnesota Teen Challenge, Minnesota Fishing Challenge
  • Coronado Area Council Scouts USA, Boy Scouts
  • Teach Me to Fish Program, Erie County, NY Federation of Sportsman’s Clubs
  • Youth Internship program, Southeastern Outdoor Press Association,
  • High School and College Fishing Teams

Watch and learn more in this comprehensive video that covers the unique promotional and marketing opportunities the on-line Holiday Sportsman Show represents!

About the Holiday Sportsman Show:

The Online Holiday Sportsman Show is a property of Vexpo Marketing, L.L.C., based in Missouri. Vexpo Marketing develops digital products designed to serve outdoor activities and outdoor consumers, including businesses and organizations that provide goods and services for outdoor recreation. A project of special dedication has been to bring traditional sports shows to a digital platform to give consumers sports show experiences in the online world. Vexpo Marketing properties include the Holiday Sportsman Show, North American Sport Show, Share the Outdoors website, and the National Wildlife Art show. All shows support conservation, youth and veterans organizations through fund-raising efforts and philanthropy and consider it a service of great importance.

For information on how to participate in the show, contact Brooke Droese at or call her at (816-246-5626).


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