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Tuesday May 15, 2018   |
Linda Ochoa-Anderson Sets New World Record

Newberry, Florida, USA—Team Easton’s Linda Ochoa-Anderson shot a 15-arrow match scoring 150 out of 150 points with 11 X’s during the bronze medal final of the 2018 Gator Cup this past weekend. She narrowly beat the compound women’s world record by one arrow in the X-ring. The X-ring in the innermost circle on the target and is half the size of the 10-ring.  The X is used to break ties and define world records when perfect scores are reached.

Linda’s new World Record is the latest using an Easton X10 Pro Tour, which has been used to set every compound world record for the past decade.  The previous women’s compound record, a 150 with ten X’s, was set by Sara Lopez of Colombia in 2013 at the Archery World Cup.

Linda said, “I didn’t know I was close to the record, I just wanted to shoot a perfect 150. I closed with three X’s and my husband, Steve [Anderson], told me he thought I was close. I said no, I only shot four X’s and he laughed.”

“When we went to the target, I’d shot 11, which was awesome! Having a world record has always been one of my dreams,” said Linda.

Linda Ochoa-Anderson has been shooting internationally for the past 16 years.

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