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Tuesday February 5, 2019   |
Victory Archery Offering New VXT Target Arrow

Victory Archery™ has firmly established itself as the carbon arrow experts. When you depend on superior accuracy for your target arrows, look no further than Victory Archery and the new VXT™ Target Arrows. The new VXT Target Arrow is a micro-diameter (.166 ID) shaft offering the world class performance of a parallel-taper design built specifically for those who the demand the highest standards from their target arrows. This new front-parallel, rear-taper design features a 90° carbon weave for incredibly fast in-flight arrow recovery by reducing the torsional deflection after launch. The ultra-micro VXT tail section provides better vane clearance and more forgiveness upon launch for finger shooters due to the weaker rear spine section. Compound shooters can cut from the rear of the shaft to achieve a stiffer, more consistent rear spine for downrange precision. Complimenting that is a thicker, front-parallel section (first 9” of the shaft) for built-in high FOC and superior down range accuracy. The VXT Target Arrows boast some of the tightest manufacturing tolerances on the market, including guaranteed straightness to ±.001” and batch weight tolerances of ±.5 grains. Add all that up, and you’ll be counting by 10’s in your next session at the range.

Trust the Carbon Arrow Experts

When you want the best, it’s always wise to call the experts. At Victory Archery, producing the world’s best­­ performing carbon arrows for hunting and target shooting is the only objective. With options for every hunting situation and shooting scenario, Victory is sure to have the perfect match for your bow set up. Looking for a lighting fast hunting or 3D arrow? Victory has it. The most accurate downrange target arrows? Got that, too. Using carbon weave technology that creates true arrow flight with minimal torque, ICE™ Nano-Ceramic coating for reduced friction and easy removal from targets, and digitally aligned spines for the greatest consistency of any arrow manufacturer, Victory has led the pack with arrow innovation.

Don’t settle for less. Step up your shooting by trusting the carbon arrow experts. With the new VXT Target Arrows from Victory Archery, you’re sure to have Victory In Sight.


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