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SLIDEGUIDE™ Patented Universal-Fit Crossbow Cocking Sled
Patented Universal-Fit Crossbow Cocking Sled Being Unveiled for ATA Show: SLIDEGUIDE™

Broomfield, CO.: Current crossbow cocking sleds are an effective cocking apparatus, if you only need to cock one brand of crossbow-ever. The problem is; they are fixed in size and cannot be adjusted to fit different rail widths that crossbow manufacturers use. Now, however, there is a crossbow cocking sled that does fit a multitude of crossbows and makes cocking them easy-SLIDEGUIDE.

SLIDEGUIDE Crossbow Cocking Sleds are unique from other cocking sleds in one radical way. SLIDEGUIDE utilizes the crossbow's rail groove as a track to guide your cocking sled up and down the length of the rail. It also employs a self-aligning guide spring system that runs along the side of the crossbow rails to keep the sled perfectly aligned during movement. These two physical features work in tandem to keep your sled balanced, and in perfect contact with the crossbow, which makes cocking easy. In addition, because SLIDEGUIDE utilizes the geometry of the rail groove, it is less effected by the principle of friction and therefore requires less force in order to glide easily up and down the crossbow rail.

"When we first started working with our preliminary prototype models, it became immediately apparent that we were on to a superior design premise. Not only did the cocking sled work with multiple manufacturer rails, but it even glided easier than the proprietary designs we were benchmarking against," stated Lee Betty, Director of Brand Management.

SLIDEGUIDE Crossbow Cocking Sleds are Radical from Other Cocking Sleds Because:
· The can fit many crossbow rails and are not limited to one size width-like other similar products.
· They require less physical force to cock your crossbow than other cocking sleds-due to a reduction of friction along the crossbow rail.
· Because the string contact points do not move, they are easier to manipulate and use than typical rope cocking devices.
· A silicone over-molded pulling handle gives you superior grip contact points to eliminate hand fatigue while cocking.
· Small product stature makes it a great candidate to stow in pockets of hunting coats, hunting packs or ground blinds.

If you only carry one crossbow cocking sled this season, use one that will fit a broad array of crossbow types.

SLIDEGUIDE Crossbow Cocking Sleds are NEW for the 2018 selling season and are shipping soon.
For more information about SLIDEGUIDE Crossbow Cocking Sleds, visit us at or call (800) 876-8600. Media contact: Lee Betty via phone (720) 390-6716 or via email

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