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Jobs Available at PRADCO in Arkansas
FORT SMITH, Ark.— Governor Asa Hutchison called it a win for Fort Smith. PRADCO Vice President and General Manager Bruce Stanton called it a boom, and Walmart officials call it supporting American jobs.

Either way you slice it, PRADCO is opening up 60 new jobs at its Fort Smith production facility, mostly centered around the 24-hour, Monday-Friday production of YUM plastics.

"This job expansion is a direct result of Walmart's $250 billion commitment to American jobs and local manufacturing," said Stanton. "Additionally, EBSCO, our parent company, has supported us with a strong, seven-figure investment in our YUM manufacturing capabilities, and they continue to show long-term support to jobs in Arkansas."

Front Office Jobs Available, Too

While PRADCO will rely on local temp agencies to fill most of its new production line roles, a national search is underway for skilled candidates to fill other positions in their front office.

"These jobs are right beside our team in the offices at Fort Smith," says PRADCO Marketing Manager Scott Faldon. "We're looking for talented people who have a passion for fishing and making legendary products."

Faldon is quick to note the dozens of PRADCO employees who have been working with the iconic lure manufacturer for decades, most recently chronicled in FTR's People of PRADCO features. He says the team is on the hunt for outdoor enthusiasts who want to work with storied brands like Heddon, Bandit, Cotton Cordell, Arbogast and REBEL—and, if Gov. Hutchison, Walmart, and PRADCO executives are right, applicants might find themselves in their own People of PRADCO spotlight soon.

To view the listings and apply for a position on PRADCO's growing team, follow the links below.
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