Tuesday November 14, 2017   |
G5 Torkee Tool Eliminates the Risk of Loose Broadheads
Confidently apply the proper amount of pressure to your broadheads
with the New G5 Torkee.

Memphis, Michigan —G5® Outdoors—the leading manufacturer of premium broadheads and archery equipment, is proud to introduce the first of its kind, Torkee broadhead wrench. This unique wrench provides positive, visual verification that you have applied the correct amount of inch pounds of pressure needed to ensure proper seating of the broadhead.

Every serious bowhunter has experienced a broadhead that has come loose at the most inopportune time. And extensive studies have found that the average bowhunter only applies approximately 2-3 inch pounds of pressure to their broadheads when installing them. However, to remain properly seated, a broadhead needs at least 5 inch pounds of pressure. Armed with this data, G5 set out to eliminate this nagging problem. The solution? The Torkee Broadhead Wrench. The intelligently designed Torkee utilizes two visual tabs that move closer together as tension is applied to the broadhead. Once these tabs are touching you know your broadhead is properly set. When used as intended, the new G5 Torkee will provide a consistent 7-inch pounds of pressure to your broadheads, eliminating the risk of loose broadheads.

"We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the archer's experience, and eliminate hassles and headaches" stated G5 President, Matt Grace. "Although some might see this as an insignificant issue, it is something that every serious archer must contend with".

The Torkee has a suggested retail of $9.95

G5 broadheads and accessories are proudly designed and developed by diehard hunters and dedicated archers, G5's high quality standards will continually increase with the perpetual dedication to be the leaders of technological advancements in the archery world.

To learn more about the new G5 Torkee broadhead wrench, or any other G5 products, contact Glenn Walker at, visit or call (866) 456-8836.

About G5 Outdoors:
G5 Outdoors L.L.C. is a family owned business established in 2000 and backed by more than 40 years of precision manufacturing experience. G5 strives to provide superior products that are Designed to Hunt™ through precision manufacturing and innovative design.

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