Tuesday September 12, 2017   |
ScoutLook Reveals 2017 Ultimate Broadhead Field Test Winners
SYRACUSE, NEW YORK – Could you benefit from better broadhead performance? Is the latest technology worth the cost of an upgrade? Those are some of the questions Team ScoutLook sought to answer with its 2017 Ultimate Broadhead Field Test, which considered eight of the newest broadheads on the market, from many of the most-respected companies on the planet.

You can click here to view the "Overall Results" video that details winners of the three awards that were up for grabs: the ScoutLook Steal, the ScoutLook Silver, and the ScoutLook Editor's Choice.

Test broadheads included the Muzzy Trocar Switch, the Slick Trick RaptorTrick, the G5 Deadmeat, the Rage Trypan, the Rocky Mountain Advantage, the Ramcat Diamondback, the Dead Ringer Super-Freak Extreme, and the Grim Reaper Pro Series 3-blade Mechanical.
In the coming days and weeks you can find separate, individual test videos highlighting each of the eight tested heads, at

"Bowhunters are passionate about many different types of gear but broadheads seem to fuel some of our strongest opinions," said ScoutLook Executive Editor Mark Melotik. "Our battery of tests delivered results that all bowhunters need to see, as we found strong showings from both mechanical and fixed designs."

The eight broadheads were subjected to testing that included accuracy, severe angled penetration, and penetration in clear ballistics gel that showed definitive head-to-head performance. ScoutLook also considered things like durability, quality/consistency, and overall value. The results were revealing.
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