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Cherokee Sports Cloak & Dagger
Cherokee Sports continues to live by the slogan "Solutions for the sportsman." Our goal is to provide high quality products to customers at a working man's price, plain and simple.

"When we came up with Cloak & Dagger two years ago we knew we were on to something big. We continued to improve on the formula until we had it 100% right. I believe this is going to quickly become one of our best-selling product lines," said Brett Fulcher with Cherokee Sports.

Cloak & Dagger Scent Eliminating Sprays work at the molecular level by binding (Encapsulating) the molecules that cause the smell. Models that contain a cover scent provide extra "cloak" by using proprietary methods, to add regional cover scents to the scent encapsulating formula. Cloak & Dagger has you covered. This is real science, at work, so you can, maybe, for the first time ever, truly, "Hunt Without a Trace."

Cherokee Sports, also, offers, in their Cloak & Dagger line, synthetic and therefore legal in All States, specific animal attractants. These scents have been matched by the leading perfumers, in the world, to exactly match, in lab tests and olfactory tests, the natural scents. The New Damsel Doe is an exact match to the urine, vaginal secretions and tarsal hair of a mature Doe, during her Estrus Cycle. This is just a first, of many other scents that Cherokee Sports has formulated, and are soon to be available.
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