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Wild Texas Film Tour Coming to 11 Texas Cities
The 2017 Wild Texas Film Tour will be coming to 11 Texas cities in September and October. The tour will feature Texas wildlife, adventure, and conservation short films along with characters from the films, filmmakers, wildlife biologists and other experts.

"We hope this tour will shine a spotlight on Texas conservation issues, inspire viewers to engage in grassroots efforts, and increase support for local conservation organizations," said filmmaker Ben Masters, who will host the tour. "If you are intrigued by Texas mountain lions, deer-hunting vegetarians, pronghorn revival, the health of Texas rivers or bison restoration, there's a film you will enjoy."

The cities where the films will be screened are:

Amarillo - Oct. 12
Austin - Oct. 10
College Station - Sept. 28
Corpus Christi - Oct. 5
Dallas - Oct. 25
El Paso - Oct. 23
Fort Worth - Oct. 26
Houston - Sept. 27
Marfa - Oct. 20
Midland - Oct. 19
San Antonio - Sept. 21

The tour is made possible by YETI, Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation (TPWF), TPWF's young professionals organization Stewards of the Wild, The Borderlands Research Institute, and King Land & Water. TPWF Stewards of the Wild chapters will be involved in the tour in several locations.

"We're pleased to support this engaging way of involving more Texans in conservation," said Anne Brown, TPWF executive director. "The more people are aware of these issues, the more involved they will become in conserving the wild things and wild places in Texas."

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