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Tuesday August 13, 2019   |
Elite Archery’s Nathan Brooks With Podium Finish At IBO World’s

West Henrietta, NY – The IBO World Championship located on Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia brought 3D season to a close for many archers on Sunday, with Nathan Brooks atop the podium for Elite Archery.

With 21 years of professional shooting under his belt, in both known and unknown distance competitions, Brooks is no stranger to the challenges and pressure of the IBO 3D courses. Adding to the already challenging course was a bout of weather and fog that caused an entire day’s delay in shooting – which didn’t faze the seasoned shooter. Heading into the last 10 targets on the mountain seeded fifth, Brooks challenged his competition to finish the weekend in third.

“Finishing the shooting season on the podium is a wonderful way to close things out and I couldn’t be happier with how my Victory X allowed me to perform,” said Brooks. “There is something special about how difficult the IBO makes their courses and especially in Snowshoe, WV. I felt like if I could just do my part and execute the shots that my speed and yardage judging would carry me. Of course, I would like to have a few shots back that cost me making a better run at 1st and 2nd but all in all I’m pretty happy with the weekend.”

“Nathan is not only an incredible competitor, but also one of the greatest advocates and spokesmen for the sport of archery,” said Darrin Christenberry, Elite Archery pro staff manager. “I’m thrilled to see Nathan atop the podium again, and it speaks volumes of his talent to do so on such a challenging course, against some of the best 3D archers in the world.”

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