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Three New Bows Added to Gen-X Lineup
Full Line Of Bows Now Available For Hunting, Bowfishing And Target Archery

SPARTA, WISC. (May 11, 2017) – Gen-X® Archery is adding three new models to their line of bows, expanding their offering to a full range of hunting, bowfishing and target shooting bows that combine versatility and velocity with simplicity and power.

"These three new bows round out our offering to archery enthusiasts from beginners to avid bow hunters," said Todd Bahnub, President of Gen-X®. "All of our bows are made in the U.S., and continue our tradition of offering durable bows with great features and technology that stand up over time. We call it the Gen-X Factor."

The three new bows include:
  • X-Versa™ offers premium power packed into a compact size. Perfect for shooting in tight spots or as a low profile bow, X-Versa™ features the patented Versa Cam System™ technology, making draw length adjustments simple with no bow press required. Starting at $249.
  • X-LR8™ is a premium level performance compound bow for advanced game hunting. Engineered for maximum speed and accuracy, X-LR8™ also features the patented Versa Cam System™. X-LR8™ delivers a bow-press-free adjustable draw weight and customizable draw lengths from 19-30 inches along with ergonomic riser and grip designed for stability and a superior hunting experience. Starting at $289.
  • X-WON™ is a fully adjustable target bow for archers of all skill levels, offering a smooth draw and steady release. Optimized for range shooting, the X-WON features the Opti-Mod™ Cam System, along with adjustable draw lengths and up to 70 lbs of adjustable draw weight. Priced at $299.

The three new bows round out the full Gen-X® collection which also includes:
  • X-Dawn™ (formerly known as the Gen-X®) is an entry-level hunting bow that features Progressive Let-Off™ technology, making shooting easier for archers at any level. With an adjustable draw weight up to 40 lbs, X-Dawn™ shoots arrows at higher speeds which is ideal for both in the field and on the range. Starting at $139.
  • Cuda™ brings Progressive Let-Off™ technology to bowfishing. Kits come equipped with a Zebco 808® Bowfisher reel, a fiberglass arrow with a safety slide and an arrow rest. With adjustable draw weights up to 40 lbs, the Cuda™ is ideal for snap shooting fish with ease. Starting at $199.

The new Gen-X® bows are sold as stand-alone bows or as kits, except for the X-WON™ which is bow only, and are available for purchase at their newly updated website:

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