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Tuesday June 12, 2018   |
Stone Road Media Partners with American Hunting Lease Association

Stone Road Media has recently partnered with the American Hunting Lease Association to provide hunters and landowners the necessary tools to create a mutually beneficial relationship when it comes to leasing land.

“The team at Stone Road Media is looking forward to working with the American Hunting Lease Association in bringing the proper tools to the table for both hunters and landowners by way of our digital marketing strategies,” says Jeremy Flinn, Chief Marketing Officer at Stone Road Media.

He continues, “Being hunters and landowners ourselves, we see both sides of the coin and understand the exact needs of each party involved.”

“So many marketing companies claim they “get it” and know who you are trying to reach and what platform is best,” says Sean Ferbrache, Chief Operating Officer at the American Hunting Lease Association. 

Ferbrache continues, “From the moment we started a conversation with Jeremy and Stone Road Media, we knew they really do “get it”.  They have an impressive list of companies from the hunting industry they have worked with and the fact that they are hunters and outdoorsmen as well, just makes working with them extremely easy. “   

Stone Road Media, the Outdoor Marketing Company, was founded in 2013. Their expert marketing team provides both digital and traditional marketing services from website builds and graphic design to social media management and public relations.

“We are excited to see what Stone Road Media and their team can bring to the hunting lease category,” says Ferbrache. 

He goes on to say, “After meeting Jeremy at the ATA show and visiting with him in our offices, we were convinced they not only knew how to navigate through the digital world, but also brought with them an understanding of our lifestyle as hunters.” 

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