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Tuesday May 15, 2018   |
Cuddeback / CuddeLink Renew National Sponsorship of QUWF

Buffalo, MO: “The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” never has been more important than when working with wildlife, habitat research, protection and stopping poaching or just the enjoyment by a landowner to see what is going on their lands, in their streams or over their access roads” explains Craig Alderman of QUWF. “We are thankful and appreciative that Mark Cuddeback and his entire team know the value of supporting conservation with their state of the art advanced game camera technology put in place to produce valuable data, observe wildlife and habitat changes, all invaluable to good wildlife research and management” Alderman states.

“We are very pleased that our equipment and advanced features helped obtain 5,000 high quality images in the research of predators on ground nesting birds with QUWF and the University of Arkansas. Some of the facts are “wow” for biologists and land owners alike” states Jared Peterson of Cuddeback. “To help capture game law violators, poachers, in another partnership with QUWF and the state of Idaho represents the versatility of Cuddeback. We are proud to support this Veteran founded organization and look forward to the opportunities in 2018 and beyond. Learning with Cuddeback and now CuddeLink from a biological and wildlife habitat perspective is what QUWF brings to the table, in addition to the traditional game camera benefits of every hunter or landowner”, Peterson concluded.

The value of pictures supporting research cannot be stated enough. “The new CuddeLink feature always multiple cameras to link together with one camera, I call the lead camera, capturing all the images of the others on one SD card” explains QUWF Chief Biologist, Nick Prough. “The thumbnail images on the lead camera allow a quick check of all cameras with one stop. All high-resolution images are stored in full size on each individual camera SD card if needed” Prough states. “This technologically advanced feature is something we need to save valuable research time and makes it even more enjoyable to monitor your favorite hunting grounds, fishing streams or lands” Prough concludes.

The Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation (QUWF) is the only Veteran Founded and managed conservation organization in the U.S., and the only multi-specie and clean stream national organization based in Missouri. To join QUWF and get involved locally with upland wildlife population and habitat restoration or clean streams and the new youth fishing teams, visit our web site at


“Preserve the land and Clean streams….Build the Habitat….Hunt and Fish for Generations” with QUWF.

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