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The New-for-2013 Ontario Knife Company® International Hunter Pack™
"Use the right tool for the right job" - it's a mantra that has been passed down for generations. Experienced hunters know not to dress big game with a folding knife just as they are cautious to not overuse a fixed-blade dressing knife for day-to-day tasks around camp. That said, having the right tools can often be costly, especially when you also need good boots, the right ammunition, and of course gasoline to get you there. As part of the new-for-2013 lineup being introduced at the 2013 SHOT Show, Ontario Knife Company® delivers the International Hunter Pack™, a solution where versatility meets affordability.

The OKC International Hunter Pack features two use-specific knives packaged in a convenient nylon belt sheath. Hunters will appreciate the OKC International Hunter Pack's high quality Hunter fixed-blade knife for field dressing operations. It delivers rugged precision thanks in part to its durable 3-inch 7CR17 stainless steel blade with gut hook. The satin finished blade can slice through bone, hide or wood all while holding a sharp edge. In addition, it features a well-built gut hook that is extremely functional when field dressing big-game, allowing the user to make a small incision with the blade then using the surgical sharp gut hook to open the chest cavity as easily and safely as unzipping a coat.

The second knife included in the set is a 3-inch Hunter folder that will serve well for your toughest camp and everyday needs. While designed to be carried as part of the set, it can also easily be thrown into a pocket or daypack all on its own. Any way you carry it, this folder will come in handy whether you need to cut through rope or dress a fresh trout for breakfast.

Overall the Hunter folder spans a full 7.75 inches - plenty of blade to get the job done and yet small enough to easily stow it away until needed. Like its fixed blade partner, its blade is crafted using a strong, high-grade 7CR17 stainless steel with a satin finish. With this type of durability and function, it's no surprise that Ontario Knife Company has been the knife manufacturer of choice for the US Military since WWI.

Both knives feature tough G10 handles with checkering for a secure grip whether your hands are wet, bloody or silty. This high quality material boasts extremely minimal water absorption, which bodes well for the OKC International Hunter Pack's durability while also promoting an incredibly long service life.

The combination of a fixed blade with a folder means you will always have the ideal knife whether building an emergency shelter, field dressing a trophy, or relaxing while whittling on a stick and listening to the crackle of a campfire - all for less than the price of some T-shirts. The OKC International Hunter Pack's design will make the cut, no matter what you're facing in the field.

Founded in 1889, the Ontario Knife Company is a U.S. owned and operated organization that continually stays on the forefront of knife designs and cutting-edge technology. Ontario's military supply roots go deep into its history, as the company has been supplying quality cutlery to the U.S. Military since WWI, beginning with its famous 18-inch Machete. Today, the company consistently develops new knife designs that allow military personnel to have the products they need in order to get their jobs done both on and off of the battlefield. Ontario Knife is also especially proud of being selected as the sole provider of the United States Marine Corps OKC3S Multi-purpose Bayonet System and the Model 4 Rescue Strap Cutter. In addition to being a major supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces, Ontario Knife teams with a nationwide network of distributors/dealers to market its products to many diverse consumer and niche markets including the tactical/military, hunting, outdoors, law enforcement and cutlery industries. Worldwide sales activity encompasses more than 28 countries and continues to grow.

For more information about Ontario Knife Company and its industry-leading line of advanced knives, machetes, edged products and specialty tools, contact Ontario Knife Company at P.O. Box 145-26 Empire Street • Franklinville, NY 14737 • Telephone (716) 676-5527 • Or visit The Ontario Knife Company is a subsidiary of publicly traded Servotronics Inc. (listed as SVT on NYSE-MKT).
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