Tuesday February 19, 2013   |
Vermont Bill Would Permit Bowhunters to Carry Handguns for Protection
By The Archery Wire

A measure heard last week by the Vermont House Committee on Fish, Wildlife and Water Resources would permit bowhunters and those engaged in dog training to carry handguns for personal protection while afield.

Current Vermont law and hunting regulations prohibit the carrying of a firearm while engaged in bow hunting or dog training. House Bill 129, an NRA-supported bill introduced by state Representative Patrick Brennan (R-Chittenden-9-2) would change that, allowing bowhunters and dog trainers to carry a handgun for self-defense while in the field.

Because sportsmen are often in remote rural areas, they are left vulnerable by the current prohibition on carrying a handgun for self-defense. With outdoor crime being a true threat as well as the possibility of an encounter with dangerous wildlife, sportsmen should not be left defenseless.

In last week's testimony before the House panel, state Fish and Wildlife commissioner Patrick Berry said while his agency has "law-enforcement concerns," it would not oppose the bill.
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