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Retractable Smart Phone Keeper™ From Gear Keeper®
A big part of hunting can be a waiting game, sitting tight often in sub-zero temperatures in anticipation for that moment of truth when your trophy steps into your line of fire. Of course, in our technology-driven world today weʼre all guilty of passing the time by turning on our smart phones - checking email, texting, or even checking out pics of your buddyʼs latest buck on social media. But when itʼs game time and youʼre on the move, your focus is on your quarry, not the safety of your smart phone. Never worry about losing your expensive smart phone again with the new Gear Keeper® Retractable Smart Phone KeeperTM designed with versatile mounting attachments and a user- friendly connect and disconnect system.

Built by the same team of designers who constructed the very first retractable devices for the SCUBA industry and later for military and law enforcement applications, the Retractable Smart Phone Keeper relies on the same three principals all Gear Keeper products follow: to be beyond secure, as compact as possible and functionally simple to use. The Gear Keeper Retractable Smart Phone Keeper features a low force 40-pound break-strength industrial retractor made with a high tensile spectra/nylon line, which extends to 36 inches. Plus, the device is so small and unobtrusive, it measures just larger than a quarter and snugs right alongside your phone in your jacket pocket.

In addition, the unitʼs retractable feature prevents the phone from dangling and getting in the way while youʼre on the move.

Connecting the device is anything but complicated with multiple mounting systems including a snap clip to D-ring or an SS threaded stud to secure inside any pocket. A pad-eye phone fastener with a heavy duty 3MTM adhesive pad safely joins the phone to the Retractable Smart Phone Keeper. The package also comes complete with alcohol wipes for when applying the adhesive. For the millions of worldwide IPhone® users, an easy to use IPhone adapter is also included for a quick connect/disconnect. Hunters will dig the unitʼs flexible lanyard, which allows for easy stowage of the phone in a pocket. Finally, the Q/C disconnect system can be easily detached from the Gear Keeper for extended talk times, obtaining the latest updates from apps or when itʼs not needed.

The original Geer Keeper system was engineered specifically for SCUBA diving literally born out of a need to secure items in situations when hands are otherwise occupied. Gear Keeper systems are now available in countless configuration options and used in applications from hiking, fishing and hunting to law enforcement, the military
and trucking.

For more information about the new Gear Keeper Retractable Smart Phone Keeper, contact Hammerhead Industries, Inc. at 1501 Goodyear Avenue, Dept. P, Ventura, CA 93003 • Phone: (805) 658-9922 • Fax: (805) 658- 8833 • Or visit Visit the company on Facebook for the latest product and company updates and a chance to win cool gear:

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