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Carry and Hydrate with the Timber Hawk® Spike Pack
Have you ever become so focused on hunting a particular animal that it becomes almost personal? Perhaps it's a whitetail that eludes your every move of a stand. Maybe it's a longbeard that seems to know your exact range and stays 10 yards beyond it. Regardless, you have to become laser focused to harvest this animal and don't want anything to get in your way. Timber Hawk® knows exactly how you feel, and designed the Spike Pack just for this type of scenario.

The Timber Hawk Spike Pack has what you need to get the job done, nothing more. The slim, form-fitting design allows you to crawl through bramble and brush without getting snagged. Yoked-style shoulder straps with a sternum cinch make the pack feel more like a piece of your clothing than an external storage system.

The advanced hydration system in the Timber Hawk Spike Pack is what hunters likely will appreciate most. The Hydrapak Bladder is reversible for easy cleaning, and is installed through the rear of the pack for easy access when refilling. The hose is insulated to keep it from freezing on really cold days, and there is a shut off valve to keep the mouthpiece from leaking (plus a dust cover to keep the grime out).

Storage within the pack is designed to keep gear easily accessible so you can stay focused on the hunt, not searching for your gear. To this point, the front pocket features a compartment for medium-size items such as a GPS or flashlight, and a zippered mesh pocket (the zipper pull is oversized for ease of use with gloved fingers) where smaller items can be stored and quickly retrieved.

The main compartment is large enough for an extra layer of clothing but not so big that the pack becomes cumbersome when full.

The Timber Hawk Spike Pack also includes the Hawkeye Bino System, which allows a hunter to keep his optics on him at all times. There is no need to wear an additional shoulder harness, as the Hawkeye system can be used on or off the pack. Plus, if there is a chance for a quick shot, the optics fall perfectly out of the way and do not hinder movement, whether pulling a rifle to shoulder or drawing a bow.

The Spike Pack, in Realtree AP camo, meets the needs of any hunter who wants to avoid the distractions of complicated gear, so he can focus on harvesting the most elusive of game.

Try a Timber Hawk pack this year - You'll get more bag for your BUCK! For more information on the Timber Hawk Spike Pack and other quality hunting backpacks, contact Timber Hawk at 1919 Vineburn Avenue, Los Angeles, Calif. 90032 • Telephone: (800) 438-3353 • Or visit online at

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