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Tuesday May 14, 2019   |
Carbon Express® Pro Domagoj Buden Wins 2019 Western Classic Trail Shoot

SUPERIOR, WI — Smoking the course with a nearly perfect score of 1538, Carbon Express professional shooter Domagoj Buden brought the fire to the 2019 Western Classic Trail Shoot & NFAA Marked 3D Championship this past weekend in Redding, California. The 2018 wildfire season was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire season on record for the state of California, directly affecting the course one of archery’s most anticipated events each year. After what some are referring to as a miracle reconstruction, the only thing ablaze this year was Croatia’s Domagoj Buden as he delivered a hurricane of well-placed Carbon Express Nano Pro RZ arrows to secure the tie for the second highest score ever shot on the 70-target course.

Hosted by Straight Arrow Bowhunters the 36th Annual Western Classic Trail Shoot has become the largest marked 3-D archery competition in the world bringing archers of all skill levels from across the globe. Next to the famed Vegas Shoot this three-day event has become “the go-to shoot” of the year attracting in excess of 1,600 archers from all disciplines due to its fun and unique paperless “safari” format. Known for its historically hot, dry and dusty conditions, the shoot presents participants with a myriad of challenges along the trail that were only compounded due to last year’s wildfires. Shooters take aim at 25 targets on day one, 25 targets on day two and 20 targets on day three in a series of legendary configurations punctuated by the challenges of a 101-yard big foot, 88-yard elk herd and 4-yard butterfly targets.

Marking the biggest win of his archery career, Buden maintained incredible composure while delivering shot-after-shot consistency throughout the entire weekend at all distances, ironically dropping his only points at the closest and furthest targets, respectively. Even after his bow took an unexpected tumble that caused an equipment failure, Buden continued with consistency and accuracy through the last few targets of the day to deliver one of the event’s most impressive wins of all time. “Thank you to my amazing sponsors and family that supports me,” said Buden who was all complements to his equipment and shooting group after the unexpected mishap.

“This year’s shoot was unique in a lot of ways. Witnessing Domagoj overcome the adversity he was presented with on the course made a great parallel story to the event coming together on the whole. Each is a testament to how important it is to have a great community and great equipment. Carbon Express is proud to have been a part of both storylines and be a part of this weekend’s incredible success,” said FeraDyne Outdoors Media Manager, Teri Quinn.

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