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Tuesday October 8, 2019   |
Over 5000 Inches of Mule Deer Mass Takes with Easton Arrows

Randy Ulmer recently added another huge buck to a very long list of big deer.

September 2019, Cave Creek, Arizona—Randy Ulmer, recently added another 200-inch brute to his long list of big deer. Added up in total, that means over 5000 inches of mule deer mass that Randy has taken over the years. All told, Randy has harvested over 20 deer that scored over the magic 200-inch mark—all with Easton arrows. Randy has used ACC, Carbon Injexion and, with this latest buck, 5mm FMJ’s. “I spent all summer scouting for one great buck,” said Randy. “When it came time for the shot, I knew my arrows would perform perfectly. I started shooting when I was 10 and have taken every buck and bull with Easton—without a single failure,” Ulmer continued. “That’s really saying something because I’ve been at it for 50 years now.” Easton is proud to have Randy on the team and congratulates him on a great start to another fall season.

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Media Contact: Taylor Woodruff

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