Tuesday February 13, 2018   |
Lone Star Outdoor News Latest Edition Reviews Proposed Texas Hunting Regulations & More

DALLAS — The new issue of Lone Star Outdoor News, available for download today, takes a look at a host of proposed new hunting regulations, including adding two weeks to the deer season in the northern part of the state and implementing antler restrictions for mule deer in a group of counties.


The issue also features a young hunter, new to Texas, who goes on her first deer hunt with the Lone Star Outdoor News Foundation.

Plus, it’s an occupational hazard for saltwater guides, especially those that spend much of their time wade-fishing. Taking calls and taking photos mean wet phones, and saltwater and cellphones don’t mix. Meanwhile, the speckled trout are taking lures offered with a slow presentation, the crappie are up the creeks and the white bass are starting to move.

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