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Tuesday June 12, 2018   |
Heater Body Suit Renews as a Whitetails Unlimited National Sponsor

Whitetails Unlimited President Jeff Schinkten has announced that longtime WTU sponsor Heater Body Suit has renewed their WTU national sponsorship for 2018. “We are looking forward to continuing this outstanding relationship because Heater Body Suit is a fantastic product that helps deer hunters be more effective in cold weather,” said Schinkten. “Being able to stay on stand when it’s cold increases a hunter’s chances of success; Heater Body Suit can make the difference between success and failure.”

The Heater Body Suit is the ultimate cold weather hunting garment that allows a hunter to stay on stand longer, and more time on the stand means more chances of scoring that big buck you’ve been chasing. A hunter does not not have to worry about heated battery packs or hand and foot warmers to stay comfortable in frigid weather. The Heater Body Suit traps body heat inside the suit, creating a warm pocket of air that is guaranteed to keep you warm. For more information about the made in the USA Heater Body Suit, visit their website

Since our beginning in 1982, Whitetails Unlimited has remained true to its mission and has made great strides in the field of conservation. Thanks to more than 450 chapters, 107,000-plus members, chapter volunteers, and corporate sponsors, Whitetails Unlimited has earned the reputation of being the nation’s premier organization dedicating its resources to the betterment of the white-tailed deer and its environment. Our mission is to raise funds in support of educational programs, wildlife habitat enhancement and acquisition, and preservation of the shooting sports and hunting tradition for future generations. To date, Whitetails Unlimited has expended more than $85.7 million on program services and activities that continue to enhance, and ultimately foster, our mission.

For more information, contact:

David Hawkey, Whitetails Unlimited VP of
field operations: (920) 743-6777, ext. 103


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