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Tuesday June 11, 2019   |
Scholastic 3-D Archery Names Mike Price New York State Coordinator




Williamsburg, KY – Scholastic 3-D Archery is proud to announce Mike Price of Phelps, NY as the New York S3DA State Coordinator. Mike will oversee all aspects of the S3DA program in New York including tournaments, trainings and the division of the state into regions. Mike is already working with ASA NY, NFAA NY, and RBD NY and has reached out to other important archery organizations as well. His goal is to bring all the organizations together to support one another and to expand the archery community. Mike’s short-term goal is getting NY S3DA organized and regional directors put in place. Mike’s long-term goal is to facilitate a club/team that can put New York S3DA at the top and foster the growth for more youth archers.

Michael Price is an S3DA Advanced Instructor and USA Archery Level 4 coach. He is founder and head coach of Heritage Archery Academy in Phelps, New York. Mike has been involved in the sport of archery for over 40 years as an avid bowhunter and a competitive pro shooter, earning multiple state and national titles, including an IBO World Championship. Mike has been on the pro staff of multiple archery manufacturers, including Hoyt and Easton, for numerous years. Mike is one of the most exceptional professional coaches in the U.S., having coached hundreds of competitive shooters throughout his career, including a multitude of state, national and world champions. His son, Louis, is currently a professional archer and a Hoyt Pro Staff member.

Mike’s friend introduced him to 3-D archery in his early twenties. Mike caught the competitive bug and went on to shoot all disciplines of archery. Mike’s passion is to help archers in every aspect of the sport. With Mike’s expertise as a skilled bow technician, he is highly knowledgeable and dedicated. He has mentored dozens of archers that work under his tutelage at Heritage Archery Academy.

Mike learned about S3DA through Gary Coffey at the S3DA Indoor Nationals event. After discussion and learning more about the program, Mike saw a need for more help, so he contacted Rudy Abersold, NY ASA Representative.

Mike Price states, “I have looked at the state of New York in detail and we should have 5 regional coordinators. I have already reached out to some key archery influence people in each area. The way on which I will recruit regional coordinators is a pretty simple process. When looking for the right candidates, just keep in mind, it is what we can do as human-beings to give back to the sport we love so much, the life-changing sport of archery.”

Started in December 2012 by the Scholastic Archery Association, S3DA has grown exponentially as a next step program to follow introductory programs offered as part of 4-H or the National Archery in Schools Program. S3DA addresses the need for a program to bridge beginning target archery experience and more advanced activities such as 3-D shooting and bowhunting. The program currently operates across the United States with hundreds of certified coaches serving thousands of young archers, grades 3–12. For more information on S3DA membership go to: WWW.S3DA.ORG or email: Check out S3DA on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

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